Our Team

The management team of DMK avenue comprises of avid entrepreneurs who have exceled in
multiple fields. They have the vision and zeal to lead this project to success

Panitan Samee

Panitan has the gift of spotting gems well before his peers. His deep insights into the Thai market always gives him a step ahead of others. He is well versed in property development and is a current officer in the Royal Thai Police Force. Panitan has a very good understanding of the Thai business landscape and is constantly scouting for investment opportunities.

Jonah Ng

Jonah is a serial entrepreneur. He has invested into multiple tech start ups. Jonah is a firm believer of the powers that technology holds and has an eye for spotting lucrative deals. Jonah is a well known figure in Thailand and spends a fair share of his time exploring investment opportunities.

William Wang

William is an experienced entrepreneur who consults with various companies across different industries. He has produced and led teams of experts committed to providing their customers with exceptional service while offering their employees the best training.